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10X Your Productivity & Reclaim ↑ 20 Hours per Week

In The Next 90 Days With The IGNITE Framework Without Working Extra Hours
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with your workload? Imagine what you could achieve with up to 20 extra hours every week – time to focus on what truly matters, both personally and professionally.

Plan your week for success, optimize your workflow, and develop a growth mindset to achieve your goals with the IGNITE Framework. 

It's a proven six-step solution that empowers solopreneurs, coaches, and creators to take control of their productivity, achieve their goals, and maintain a healthy work-life balance

Discover how to leverage the power of AI to automate tasks, set effective goals, and supercharge your habit routine. With the right toolkit at your fingertips, you'll stay accountable and achieve more in less time, even if you're not a naturally techy person. 

Grab my Time Saving Calculator below to quantify the hours you can save by implementing the framework. 

Simply input your current tasks and workflows, and watch as the calculator reveals the potential time you can reclaim each month, giving you a clear picture of the transformative impact IGNITE can have on your productivity

Level Up To Achieve More Faster

The library of short, bite-sized videos on in-demand topics ensures fast implementation and keeps you ahead of the curve. With new courses released regularly, all included in your monthly subscription, you'll continuously expand your knowledge and skills.
Use AI To Create Images
Use Power Prompts
Get More Done In Less Time
Automate Tasks Easily
Create Lead Magnets & Funnels
Use AI To Save Time

Join the IGNITE Membership

The IGNITE framework and toolkit comes as part of membership including access to the community for accountability.

All plans except 1:1 custom coaching are monthly with no contract. Cancel anytime.

My client Teresa increased her productivity by 65% in one week after months of procrastination.

What could you achieve?


ChatGPT Prompts


Mindset Audios










Best for those who want to optimise their mindset, workflow and results in a supportive community

£97 £47/m

**70% off** limited time only for 
 founding members
  • Learn the IGNITE framework

  • Unlimited access to all existing and future hypnosis & mindfulness audios including app for offline

  • Monthly inclusive access to AI assistant library. Get support on sales / marketing, mindset, productivity, goals.**

  • Unlimited access to performance, mindset and knowledge hubs

  • Access to the online community and private member chat to network, share and grow

  • AI tool recommendations to learn about faster ways of working

  • ChatGPT prompt library to 10x your productivity PLUS access to the AI prompt generator

  • Checklist library to give structured to-do’s to empower you to start implementing faster

  • Mental models directory with training videos

Get free bonus add-ons worth over £997.
  • Unlimited access to all monthly events and workshops

  • Unlimited access to all short courses and programmes

  • Unlimited access to all resource downloads in the Vault

  • Locked in pricing - even if price rises you’ll stay on current price while subscription is active

Most Popular

10x Your Productivity

The IGNITE toolkit is a library of resources and systems designed to empower you to implement what you learn in the framework even faster.

AI Tools Library

Get recommendations on the best tools to use based on your goals and use case

Bitesize Videos

Learn proven methods and models for problem solving and decision-making

AI Coaching Library

Access AI assistants. Get help on goals, mindset, sales, marketing & productivity

Prompt Productivity

Access an AI assistant trained on over 15,000 prompts and courses on ChatGPT and Claude.

Automation & Workflow

Learn how to automate processes, create SOPs and track where your time is going to create efficiencies


Get templates, resources and checklists to leverage the power of AI & habits to increase sales

Is This Right For You? 

Is your to-do list growing faster than you can keep up, leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?
Do you struggle to find a balance between work and personal life, often sacrificing your well-being for the sake of productivity?
Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of emails, meetings, and notifications, struggling to stay organized and prioritize effectively?
Do you often feel like you're lacking direction and clarity, unsure of how to set meaningful goals and make progress towards them?
Are you constantly battling with complex tech tools, tangled processes, and overwhelming systems that leave you feeling frustrated and stuck?

What You Struggle With

Do you find it challenging to remember how all the moving parts or tools in your business operate and you end up doing things ad hoc rather than on an organised schedule?
Do you often feel stuck and find yourself procrastinating when you know there are important tasks to be done?
Do you find yourself regularly worrying and overthinking about past or future events?
Do you find it challenging to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life, leading to a constant feeling of being "on" and unable to unwind?
Are you craving a change in your habits and routines, knowing deep down that they are holding you back from reaching your full potential?
Are you doubting whether you'll be able to continue at this pace and eventually have to give up on your dream of having a business that can give you the lifestyle you want but also the right work life balance?

Would You Like to Feel

Accomplished and proud of yourself for being able to setup automations / leverage AI to reclaim lost time in your business?
Happy and in a positive mindset knowing you are good enough and can push through difficult situations?
In control with a personal dashboard and action plan of what to work on and have support in place to help with technical questions?
More balanced with opportunities to review your calendar and plan in self-care so you can think more clearly?
Proud of your purpose and confident to tell your friends / family how you can work less hours but get a lot done with a smile on your face rather than avoiding replying when people ask why you're always behind a laptop
Empowered to charge your worth and feel good about what it is you offer and how it positively impacts on clients

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed and want to reclaim your time and productivity, IGNITE membership might just be the solution you've been searching for. 


Join the IGNITE Membership

How much time do I need to make the most of the membership?

You can listen to hypnosis audios during the night to get the benefits during the day.

The video content, templates and checklists are designed to be implemented quickly.

Taking action on the items in the IGNITE framework can mean as little as 25 mins every day, however it’s the consistency that will pay off for you which is why I also focus on habits.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs?

I’ve worked in training, sales and coaching for many years.

My goal is to empower and help people which is why I am hoping you’ll give me feedback, recommend the platform to others and become part of the community.

Are there any high ticket upsells?

No. It’s possible to work with me in a group or 1:1 capacity however that’s only if you’d really prefer that option and need more intensive support.

There are no forced upsells because I don’t like that as a customer myself when it happens.

Why is there an audio membership?

I offer an audio only membership where clients can download mindfulness and hypnosis audios.

They come as part of IGNITE Pro however I appreciate that some clients might only want the audios so you can just signup directly via the app.

What is the IGNITE framework, dashboard and toolkit?

The IGNITE framework is a 6 step process designed to help you clarify goals, optimise your workflow and mindset in a structured way.

I wanted to create a dashboard where clients could go and create their own goals, track tasks / habits to stay accountable.

You can even share your habits and goals with others.

The dashboard is available for group bootcamps and 1:1 clients.

The toolkit is a selection of resources that I have curated to help you implement what is taught in the framework even faster.

This includes templates, checklists, downloads and even AI coaches

What benefit does the IGNITE dashboard have over Notion for example?

Notion is a fantastic tool and if you are using it to stay on track that’s ok.

The main benefit is that in this system you can share your tasks and habits with others to stay accountable.

Not only that but you’ll be able to follow set gameplans and have tasks, habits, interactive worksheets etc all assigned to you over a period of weeks.

This gives you your own personalised dashboard to stay accountable, and follow a set structure while receiving email alerts for reminders to keep showing up.

What is the difference between the IGNITE framework and toolkit?

The IGNITE framework is a proven six-step solution that empowers you to take control of your productivity, achieve your goals, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It provides a structured approach to planning your week, optimizing your workflow, and developing a growth mindset.

On the other hand, the IGNITE toolkit is a library of resources and systems designed to empower you to implement what you learn in the framework even faster.

It includes AI tools, bite-sized videos, AI coaching, prompt productivity assistance, automation and workflow guidance, and sales resources.

Both the framework and toolkit are included as part of your IGNITE membership, providing you with a comprehensive solution to boost your productivity and achieve your desired outcomes

10X Your Productivity & Reclaim ↑ 20 Hours Per Week In The Next 90 Days With The IGNITE Framework Without Working Extra Hours

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