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10X Your Productivity & Reclaim ↑ 20 Hours Per Week 

In The Next 90 Days With The IGNITE Framework.
Discover how you can achieve your sales goals and increase productivity with the transformative power of the IGNITE Framework in the next 90 days without tech headaches or having to work extra hours.
Define clear goals, create powerful habit routines and stay on track.
Plan your week for success in less than 30 mins a day, optimize your workflow and develop a growth mindset.
Are tech overwhelm and lack of time keeping you stuck? Gain access to online workshops, and courses to achieve more, faster.

How Can I Help?

Hi, I'm Edmund, your impact coach. 

I'm on a mission to empower service based solopreneurs, coaches and creators to transform their habits and achieve success with the IGNITE framework and toolkit.
I know you're keen to make a difference in your clients' lives but lack of time and tech overwhelm are distracting you from your purpose.

If you'd like to go from stuck to supercharged, I can show you how to setup success habits and systems so you can focus on delivering for clients without having to work extra hours or stress about tech.

Did you know that approx. 40% of the actions people perform every day aren't due to decision-making but habits?

Empower yourself to achieve more, faster with the IGNITE framework - Transform your habits, optimise your workflow and supercharge your mindset.
The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts every day, many of which are repetitive. Without realising it, many people can often be in their own way. Imagine the power of harnessing those thoughts and transforming them into positive habits and a new mindset that improves decision-making and boosts productivity. Learn how to use AI technology to automate tasks, set goals effectively, develop empowering habits, and stay accountable, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Having an accountability partner increases your chances of achieving your goals from 40% to 65%. Experience the power of community and ignite your success today!

How Can I help?

Stop Missing Deadlines & Opportunities

Get clarity on goals and track to measure progress

Set Boundaries & Enjoy Balance

Complete top priorities without sacrificing freedom

Create Optimised Processes & Systems

Get templates for decision making & learn to automate 

Optimise Your Mindset For Success

Feel energised and able to take decisions

Is This Right For You?

Is your to-do list growing faster than you can keep up, leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?
Do you struggle to find a balance between work and personal life, often sacrificing your well-being for the sake of productivity?
Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of emails, meetings, and notifications, struggling to stay organized and prioritize effectively?
Do you often feel like you're lacking direction and clarity, unsure of how to set meaningful goals and make progress towards them?
Are you constantly battling with complex tech tools, tangled processes, and overwhelming systems that leave you feeling frustrated and stuck?

What You Struggle With

Do you find it challenging to remember how all the moving parts or tools in your business operate and you end up doing things ad hoc rather than on an organised schedule?
Do you often feel stuck and find yourself procrastinating when you know there are important tasks to be done?
Do you find yourself regularly worrying and overthinking about past or future events?
Do you find it challenging to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life, leading to a constant feeling of being "on" and unable to unwind?
Are you craving a change in your habits and routines, knowing deep down that they are holding you back from reaching your full potential?
Are you doubting whether you'll be able to continue at this pace and eventually have to give up on your dream of having a business that can give you the lifestyle you want but also the right work life balance?

Would You Like to Feel

Accomplished and proud of yourself for being able to setup automations / leverage AI to reclaim lost time in your business?
Happy and in a positive mindset knowing you are good enough and can push through difficult situations?
In control with a personal dashboard and action plan of what to work on and have support in place to help with technical questions?
More balanced with opportunities to review your calendar and plan in self-care so you can think more clearly?
Proud of your purpose and confident to tell your friends / family how you can work less hours but get a lot done with a smile on your face rather than avoiding replying when people ask why you're always behind a laptop
Empowered to charge your worth and feel good about what it is you offer and how it positively impacts on clients

If you've said yes to all or most of those, then click below to learn more about what you're getting as part of the membership.

What Do Clients Say?

Elevate Your Success

Gain unlimited access to a wealth of courses, a comprehensive toolkit of resources, and the support of AI assistants all without any long term commitments. 


ChatGPT Prompts


Mindset Audios










Can I try risk free?

I'm convinced you'll love the community and the resources however you'll get 14 days to refund provided you haven't downloaded digital resources. I can do a personalised demo and take you through the site. If it's not for you then let's shake hands and wish each other the best.

How will this help me?

On this site, you're getting mindset audios, a supportive community and a framework to guide you on how to create clear goals, optimise your calendar / workflow and learn how to automate processes to save time. You'll also gain access to courses on new tools to stay ahead of the curve.

How fast can I expect results?

Great question. Your results depend on the mindset and actions you have in place. So you could expect to see quick wins in less than 30 days with more significant results (mindset, sales, productivity) increasing up to 90 days. Once your habit routines are established, you'll be more likely to stick to them.

What type of support is available?

There are a range of courses focusing on digital skills, automation, marketing and mindset. These are designed to support any gaps in knowledge. There are hubs available with audio and video content in addition to bi-weekly coaching sessions including templates for problem solving / decision making.

Who is this really for?

The service is focused on service based business owners (solopreneurs), coaches and creators that want more revenue & time freedom so that they can streamline their workflow while working less.

Can habits really impact performance?

Yes. Changing habits is important to see long term results but most people don't stick with them long enough. Read this research report by Duke University to learn more about how habits affect decision-making.
10X Your Productivity & Reclaim ↑ 20 Hours Per Week In The Next 90 Days With The IGNITE Framework Without Working Extra Hours

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